Vision & Mission


Oakville Galleries is a contemporary art museum located 30 km west of Toronto. Housed in two spaces—one alongside downtown Oakville’s library, and the other in a lakeside mansion and park—Oakville Galleries is one of Canada’s leading art institutions, presenting the work of emerging and established artists from across Canada and around the world. 


Placing artists at the center of its vision, Oakville Galleries strives to be a nationally and internationally leading museum for the presentation of contemporary art, delivering excellent, innovative exhibitions and generating new, invigorating ideas. Our dynamic, diverse and forward-thinking program produces significant positive social impact.

Accessible. Engaging. Forward-thinking. To be bold in the collection and exhibition of contemporary art. To stand up for contemporary artists and amplify their voices in order to foster knowledge creation and new ways of understanding. To be committed to providing an exceptional, engaging and inclusive visitor experience. To value the opportunity to serve, engage and strengthen bonds with our community. To be committed to operating with financial integrity and transparency.


Oakville Galleries is driven by a belief in the singular power of art and artists to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our communities and move us toward a better world.


Oakville Galleries is a not-for-profit contemporary art museum engaging communities throughout Oakville, and wider audiences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Future Museum

Oakville Galleries has commenced a campaign for a new home. As we embark on this new journey, we will update this webpage with information on the Future Museum and how you can get involved.

Annual Report