ARTbus: Exhibition Tour


ARTbus tour to the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, the Small Arms Inspection Building and Oakville Galleries

Sunday 23 September 2018, 12:00 pm–5:00 pm
Pick-up and drop-off at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto

  • $10 donation includes transportation to all galleries and afternoon refreshments

Art Museum at the University of Toronto

Our fall ARTbus begins at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto with a tour of I continue to shape curated by cheyanne turions. The exhibition considers how the extra-rational capacities of art can support interruptions of history such that new kinds of stories become possible to tell. Recognizing that history is subjected to distortion by those with the power to represent it, I continue to shape looks to the practices of artists as a means of working toward futures otherwise, futures made legible through artworks that disobey the strictures of the art histories and the political histories that (falsely) appear self-evident or inevitable. Featuring work by Maria Thereza Alves, Cathy Busby, Justine Chambers, Nicholas Galanin, Lisa Myers, Mickalene Thomas, Joseph Tisiga, and Charlene Vickers with an additional collaboration with Maria Hupfield.

Small Arms Inspection Building

The ARTbus continues on to the Small Arms Inspection Building to visit forward motion curated by Noa Bronstein. forward motion brings together artworks that converge on concepts of mobility and movement, of transit and the transitory. Exploring ideas ranging from flight, time travel and immigration to displacement and circulation, each of the artists featured within the exhibition navigates the physical and conceptual dimensions of movement across time and space. What emerges through these multiple pathways are deeply felt responses to how the movement of bodies, objects and ideas influences the ways in which the artists featured here conceive of place-making, of awayness and hereness. This exhibition includes work by Christina Battle, Steven Beckly, Patrick Cruz, Soheila Esfahani, Melissa General, Julius Poncelet Manapul, Jihee Min, Ed Pien, Véronique Sunatori, Meera Margaret Singh, and Tazeen Qayyum.

Oakville Galleries

Next, at Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square, the ARTbus will visit the opening of Gabriel Kuri: spending static to save gas. For his first solo exhibition in Canada, Kuri will present a new site-specific installation that recasts the architecture of Oakville Galleries' Centennial Square space, creating a static field to contain the gallery's energy use during the run of the show. Accompanied by a series of new and recent sculptures that translate facts and figures into form, this gesture not only sets in motion a looping system (regulating a flow of energy, money and labour), but also functions as a tautology: an occasion that speaks about its occurrence, a space that assesses space, a possibility that reflects on possibility.

Lastly, at Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens participants will visit the opening of David Hartt: in the forest. The exhibition investigates Moshe Safdie's abandoned Habitat Puerto Rico, a continuation of the architect's experimental housing typology initiated by Montréal's Habitat 67. A project of particular resonance in Canada and originally intended for regions across the globe, Hartt considers the symbolism of this moment in late modernism, both the failure to build a better world and its colonial and nationalist undertones. 50 years later, the issues it attempted to resolve are ever more acute. Borrowing its title from a chapter in Claude Levi-Strauss's Tristes Tropiques, the exhibition includes the Montréal-born, Philadelphia-based artist's newest film, related photographs, sculptural objects, and an installation of tropical plants.



12:00 pm: Art Museum at the University of Toronto (meet at UTAC). Visit I continue to shape.

1:30 pm: Small Arms Inspection Building. Visit forward motion.

2:45 pm: Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square. Visit opening of Gabriel Kuri: spending static to save gas.

3:30 pm: Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens. Visit opening of David Hartt: in the forest, with refreshments.

5:00 pm: Drop-off at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.


Art Museum at the University of Toronto
University of Toronto Art Centre: 15 King's College Circle, Toronto

Small Arms Inspection Building
1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga
905.615.4860 ext 2110

Oakville Galleries
Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square: 120 Navy St, Oakville
Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens: 1306 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville

Images (clockwise from top left): Nicholas Galanin, Things Are Looking Native, Native's Looking Whiter (detail), 2012. Courtesy of the artist; Meera Margaret Singh, Split (detail). Courtesy of the artist; Gabriel Kuri, Energy saving chart (detail), 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Esther Schipper Gallery, Berlin. Photo: Andrea Rosetti; David Hartt, Carolina I, 2017. Courtesy of Corbett vs. Dempsey and commissioned by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.