Oakville Galleries Patron Program

Oakville Galleries is on the precipice of exciting changes. A new home. An expanded roster of public programs for children, youth, seniors and families. A renewed commitment to excellence in contemporary art.

As we look forward to the future, we're also looking close to home. Oakville Galleries is committed to the vitality of this community: our plans for the years ahead will see the Galleries grow into a dynamic cultural hub for the people of Oakville and beyond.

Oakville Galleries' Patron Program is an opportunity for you to have an instrumental role in that growth. Your support optimizes the contribution Oakville Galleries makes to the cultural fabric of this community. Your gift will allow us to touch the lives of many, whether through exhibitions, community programs, art classes and camps, in-school programs, or the many other ways we connect tens of thousands of local residents with contemporary art each year. And, as an Oakville Galleries Patron, we will provide you with matchless art experiences, including behind-the-scenes events, access to private collections, and curated art travel packages.