Kelly Jazvac PARK
15 September – 17 November 2013

Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens

Over the past several years, London, Ontario-based artist Kelly Jazvac has worked primarily with discarded adhesive vinyl gleaned from the printing industry. While the vinyl will never degrade, the advertising messages it carries—and thus its value—quickly expire. She transforms large-scale, glossy images into creased, bulging, strangely seductive sculptures that drape and droop across the gallery, poignantly reflecting on obsolescence, the false promises of consumer culture and the pleasures of “dumb” abstract forms.

In PARK, her first solo museum exhibition, Jazvac responds to the distinctive context of Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens with a suite of recent sculptural works, videos, found objects, and a new site-specific wallpaper installation. This latter project stems from a photo shoot that Jazvac undertook in one of the Gairloch Gardens ponds, with key props from that shoot reconfigured into another installation also on view.

Jazvac's exhibition wittily reflects on the artifice inherent to environments like gardens and parks, sites that—despite their contrived relationship to nature—provide spaces of beauty, contemplation and reprieve. With unrestricted views of the carefully manicured gardens visible through the galleries' windows, PARK stages a dynamic interplay of colour and shape, organic and manufactured, real and virtual.