There and Then
28 June – 8 August 2021

Oakville Galleries @

After a year of homebound stay, the concept of home feels ever more embedded within a physical space. Yet homes are manifold and shifting: neighbourhoods are gentrified and redeveloped and families are uprooted across lands. Further, home as material infrastructure and property ownership is only a recent notion that is tied to the effects of capitalism and colonialism. There and Then brings together a selection of artworks that speak to the nostalgia and longing of home and homeland, particularly within diasporic, immigrant, and displaced communities. The artists respond to the loss of home by highlighting different remnants of home, such as souvenirs, language, or maps. Thinking of home beyond its physical infrastructure, the works within this exhibition consider home as an emotional, psychological, and conceptual space.

Participating Artists

Roy Arden, Sylvie Bélanger, Susan Dobson, Donna James, Shelagh Keeley, Luanne Martineau, Ed Pien, Paulette Phillips, Susan Schelle, and Jeff Thomas