Construction Compulsion Reconfiguring the Permanent Collection
10 November 2001 – 20 January 2002

Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens & at Centennial Square

This exhibition explores themes of building and reconstruction in Oakville Galleries's permanent collection. The Centennial location features works by Murray Favro, Darci Mallon, Greg Curnoe and other artists who preoccupy themselves with mechanics and the process of building and filling space. For example, an intricate list of mechanical components in Curnoe's Mariposa T.T. attests to the artist's well-known fascination with bicycles and their construction process.

At the Gairloch location, the act of construction lies in the hands of the curator. Over its history, the distinct character of the Gairloch location (a former Estate home) has influenced the creative process for artists and curators. The Gairloch site of this permanent collection exhibition is inspired by this unique setting and the Galleries's practice of collecting works featured in their exhibitions. Each of the gallery rooms is the stage for a partial reconstruction of a different exhibition from Oakville Galleries's history. For example, the curator revisits Tatsuo Miyajima's 1996 exhibition Time House by reinstalling his Changing Landscape with Changing Self in the "dining room" window, accompanied by the period furnishings selected as an integral component of his original installation. While the pieces in the Gairloch space maintain the themes of construction that govern the entire show, they differ by virtue of their installation method. By using different approaches to reconfiguring collection pieces in the Centennial and Gairloch locations, this exhibition raises issues surrounding the process of shaping a collection.

Curated by Shannon Anderson

Participating Artists

Kim Adams, Greg Curnoe, Gathie Falk, Murray Favro, Paul Kipps, Tania Kitchell, Darci Mallon, Tatsuo Miyajima, Daniel Olson