Up All Night
10 March – 1 April 2012

Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square

Second Annual Oakville Galleries' Youth Council Exhibition

Formed in January 2010, Oakville Galleries' Youth Council (OGYC) is comprised of a group of local teens who are interested in contemporary art. Driven by a desire to create a youth-oriented art scene in Oakville, the OGYC organizes programs and events throughout the year, including exhibitions such as this one.

Up All Night presents work from OGYC members, as well as other local youth who submitted their artwork through an open call process. Addressing the significance of nighttime to teens, this exhibition explores themes such as sleep deprivation, altered states of consciousness and light (or lack thereof).

Through works in video, sculpture and painting, these young artists underscore the freedom and excitement that many youth associate with the charged privacy of the nocturnal. For many youth, nighttime offers reprieve from the restrictions and obligations of waking life, offering instead a world guided by feeling. As one OGYC member describes it, “Sometimes I feel like the only way I can experience anything real is to be up all night.”

Organized by Sarah Febbraro