secondary school programs

Enrich your students' education with hands-on visual arts workshops taught by professional arts educators. As one of Canada's premier contemporary art museums, Oakville Galleries offers innovative field trips and in-class visits that make the visual arts accessible and engaging for all students.

With a commitment to fostering creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills in children and youth, our programs give students opportunities to look at, discuss, and make works of art where they are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and specialized materials. All programs are designed to promote inquiry-based learning; to support the development of students' collaborative and innovative learning abilities; and to emphasize both big ideas and interdisciplinary engagement.

With the Province of Ontario's Visual Arts curriculum and the creative process at the forefront of our offerings, select programs also integrate strands from History and Geography, Language, Science and Technology, and Social Studies.


Programs can take place in your classroom or at our Gairloch Gardens location (1306 Lakeshore Road East). On-site programs will include a guided gallery tour of a current Oakville Galleries exhibition. The exhibition scheduled for October 2 to December 30, will feature recent drawings and paintings by Sascha Braunig.

During gallery tours, one of our educators will introduce students to the exhibition and then guide them through a group discussion interpreting the artwork on display. These tours encourage students to engage their imaginations and expand their understanding of the visual arts by focusing on building communication and critical thinking skills.

Please contact to discuss program packages, content and ideas.

Program Fees

Duration: Full Day

Fee: $12 per student (minimum fee of $250 applies) on site or $15 per student (minimum fee of $300 applies) in your classroom.

Available: Year-round