Having Ideas By Handling Materials
2 July – 20 August 2021

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Follow our social media channels on Fridays at 10:00 am throughout July and August for Having Ideas By Handling Materials, a set of instructions as prompts for temporary sculptures created by the Montreal-based collaborative artist duo Leisure (Susannah Wesley and Meredith Carruthers) and their children Eli and Paul Wesley Lanctôt and Violet Carruthers Moffat.

The project was inspired by the artists' kid collaborators, and a program created by artist Simon Nicholson in the 1970s. Simon described his program as being “about feelings, about the relationships of a person - of people - to ideas - to materials. It is actually about you - about how you can have ideas too by handling materials."

The project is appropriate for children of all ages, and we hope you and your families will try out these instructions at home, on the street or in your local park and make your own sculptures! Share your sculptures using the hashtag #CollaborateWithLeisure or email your projects to community@oakvillegalleries.com.

DOWNLOADABLE FILES Download all files [7 files - ZIP ARCHIVE]