Nadia Belerique The Weather Channel
8 April – 3 June 2018

Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens

Driven by a close engagement with how images perform in our current moment, Toronto-based artist Nadia Belerique combines photography and sculptural installation to track the shifting relationship between the perceptual, the psychological and the representational. Frequently pushing at the limits of the photographic image—both real and imagined—Belerique's works regularly stage scenes that confuse or conflate figure and ground, image and object, signifier and signified.

In The Weather Channel, Belerique presents a series of new works that respond to the idiosyncratic character of Gairloch estate. Drawing on the trappings of domestic life—the doors of a childhood bedroom, the layout of a familiar room, the well-worn chain of a lamp—Belerique considers the ways in which the home is a site of both intimacy and concealment, where a broad spectrum of moods, identities and relationships are forged and fostered. Here, the home becomes an allegory for human consciousness and the mutually dependent architectures of the mind and body. In linking psychic and physical spaces, Belerique points us toward the mysteries, rhythms and instabilities of both, toward images and forms that can be felt more readily than they are seen.