Tamara Henderson Seasons End: Out of Body
24 September – 30 December 2017

Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square

Oakville Galleries is delighted to present Seasons End: Out of Body, a solo exhibition by Tamara Henderson. In her writing, film, painting, and installation, Henderson is concerned with altering everyday objects in fantastical and intuitive ways, often with a reference to dreams, fairy tales, the spiritual realm, and the natural world.

At Oakville Galleries, Henderson will be showing an installation that marks a major transition in her work. Developed during a residency in Scotland in 2015, Seasons End is an itinerant, multi-part installation that has been staged in Glasgow, Los Angeles and London. On its final stop in Oakville, Out of Body expands on these previous presentations, bringing together an assortment of objects and materials collected by the artist on her recent travels. These range from fabrics bought in Athens and dyed with plants gathered on a Greek island to objects crafted from the Bay of Fundy mudflats.

At the center of the installation is a cast of human-like figures robed in colourful, embroidered costumes and wearing hand-made shoes. With a makeshift vehicle and passports at hand, they appear poised to traverse borders, be they physical or spiritual, like a crowd of spectral bodies who have made the ultimate transition from one world into another. Henderson's voyagers weave together an intensely personal story of travel between countries and states of being, of material alchemy and transformation, and of slipping between worlds, particularly from the world of matter and flesh to one that is “out of body."

Produced by REDCAT and Glasgow International with support from Oakville Galleries, Serpentine Galleries, and Rodeo. The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Costumes designed and produced with Aude Levere. Sound design by Dan Riley. With special thanks also to Jake Tilbury.