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I met with Grades 6, 7 and 8 at EJ James Elementary School.

We held a discussion, based on the following topics. I wrote down responses on the blackboard.

If you could describe Oakville to a total stranger, how would you describe it?

>> response

How would you define public space?

>> response

How would you define ‘getting away'?

>> response

Where would you go to get away?

>> response

I asked the students to draw a picture of a special place they go to when they need to ‘get away', or to describe it in words. Some people drew fantasy spaces that were removed from everyday reality: underground forts or treehouses. For others it meant actual spaces in Oakville: outdoor spaces such as parks or backyards, or indoor spaces such as a bedroom or attic. Others drew consumer spaces such as shopping malls or living rooms with widescreen televisions. When we're expressing our fantasies or desires, how do they respond to our environment and the values of our culture?

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