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There are only three laundromats in Oakville. The one I go to (after finding out it is the cheapest) is just off Kerr Street, near the dollar store (any coincidence?). In the Yellow Pages it advertises itself as having surveillance cameras. Is theft an issue?

The washing machines are front loading, a type I've never used before in a laudromat. I make a mistake and try to let the water run a little bit before starting the load (like I do on top loading machines) and then realize that I can't open the door and that I've just wasted two dollars!

Localized knowledge: what must be learned through trial and error, and where your previous understanding of things (drawn from other places and contexts) does not apply. Often taken for granted when you're in a familiar environment because it's ingrained into your habits and routines and has developed over time, but something you notice when you don't have it.