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Asking for Directions

1. Lakeshore West near 4th Line

I'm meeting someone near South Service Road and 4th Line. I'm at Lakeshore just before 4th line, but am not sure if I missed the street. I ask some people at a yard sale. An elderly man tells me that I had missed it, and was now heading towards 3rd Line. The other people at the yard sale agree. But he walk over to his car and look at a map. I point to the school across the way and ask if it's Appleby School. He corrects me and says Appleby College. I realized that I have not missed 4th line, I just haven't reached it yet.

2. Pilgrim's Way and Abbeywood

I'm starting to worry about getting lost, as the streets curve and the houses look the same. Again, I'm wondering if I've missed Abbeywood. I ask a jogger and he tells me to continue until I reach the Bruno's. I'm glad there's at least a landmark.

3. South Service Road and Leighland

I'm at a mini-mall on South Service Road, which runs parallel to the QEW but is a quieter street. All the businesses at the mini-mall seem to be Jamaican; a few minutes ago, I stopped at the grocery store to buy some ingredients for rice and peas. Now I'm trying to get to North Service Road and 4th Line. I ask the people in the grocery store; he doesn't know and tells me to ask the restaurant next door. I ask them and they send me next door to the hairdresser's. The hairdresser tells me that I have to backtrack , as there isn't a direct route from North Service Road to South Service Road. I realize that getting where I need to go isn't that important and decide to head back.