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  Under the QEW >Social >Personal
  Lot that's too small to be a park >Social >Personal
  Bocce Court >Social >Personal
  Behind Glenridge Road >Social >Personal
  Behind Pilgrim Wood Public School >Social >Personal
  Go Station>Social >Personal
  Paradiso > Social >Personal
  Oakville Place > social > personal
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bike trails

used mainly by children and low-income people as a commuter zone and by fitness types as a recreational zone   North of the QEW

those who live in Oakville who are generally characterized as 'have nots' in comparison to South Oakville (while they may actually be leading comfortable middle class lives). North and South do not necessarily correspond to geographical north and south.

bike trails encouraging fitness and alternative transportation   Oakvillian someone who currently lives in Oakville
bike trails potentiallly dangerous   Oakvillian someone who has lived in Oakville for a long time, or was born and raised there. Criteria vary how long you need to live in Oakville to be an Oakvillian.
character identifiable characteristic; something that makes a place different from others   Oakvillian in certain social circles, the implication that you are rich, spoiled and sheltered. Say, "I'm from Missisauga"
character individual expression park a public space
character invented tradition; nostalgia   park an area for recreation
city crowds, pollution, noise, danger, anonymity park the next best thing to actually being in nature
city cultural diversity, excitement, crowds, anonymity place an area with immediately identifiable characteristics
city the basis of consensus place an area with some personal significance
community to relate to others outside of one's immediate social circle, family, cultural, economic or religious circle place part of the name of a local shopping mall, "Oakville Place"
community under threat from development place if you're under 19, it's hard to find places to go to in Oakville
community cemented by private property public everyone
commute efficiency public those who feel entitled to participated in the public sphere
commute switching off public space not privately owned
entitlement what's good for me is by implication good for everyone else public space where different social classes and ethnic groups can meet
familiarity common language public space outside of work or home
familiarity the comfort of running into the people you know again and again public transit lacking in Oakville
familiarity seeing all the people you know working in the shops public transit something people don't use, unless they can't drive or can't afford a car
Go Station both a place and a non-place public transit so few people take the bus that they actually know each other
growth inevitable recreation to re-create onesself
growth immigration recreation a set of appropriate behaviours in public places
growth loss of familiarity recreation sports
leisure escaping routine recreation social management
leisure another form of routine safety, lack of safety varying degrees of percpetion and reality
Kerr St. a lower income neighbourhood (by Oakville standards) but also a culturally diverse one; targeted for 'revitalization'   social engineering the faith that one mechanism (such as bylaws and other regulations), applied appropriately, will solve social problems.
mini-mall common on major intersections in Oakville, especially on Speers   social engineering the government shouldn't tell me what to do
mini-mall occupied by immigrant populations   social engineering people on their own won't act in the interests of the greater good; regulations are the most gentle form of coercion
mini-mall suburbia   suburbia the basis of consensus
non-place the areas between Point A and Point B   suburbia garden city
non-place lack of character   suburbia urban planning inspired by the desire to 'get out'
North Oakville Secondary Plan more development   suburbia a place to escape from
North Oakville Secondary Plan blank slate; an attempt to right past wrongs   what people want the underlying belief that, after decades of conditioning, that people are hardwired into suburban habits (such as reliance on the car , or the single-family bungalow that has been lodged in our imaginations as an ideal). We are basically passive consumers, who must be coaxed out of our suburban bad habits through urban design--this is the only way that we will 'bite'.
North Oakville Secondary Plan a desire to work with what is already there   zone shuttle express there is no public transit on Sundays or later in the evening, so you call a Zone Express Shuttle, 90 min. in advance. Call 849-ZONE. Note: this phone number is impossible to find in the phone book.