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Misplace involves several areas of activity, which will be archived on this

1) Places.

I am asking people to think of public places they visit when they are neither work nor home, either because they deliberately choose to ‘get away’, or because they simply pass through these places as part of their everyday routines. I meet with people in these places, take photographs, and ask them to describe how they found each place and what they normally do there.
Text summarizing their responses (under the ‘social’ section), directions on how to find each place, and images of each place are posted on the website.

Later on, I visit these places myself and observe my own responses. Notes from these experiences will be posted on the ‘personal’ section.

If you’re interested in meeting with me, you can call me at 905-844-4402 ext. 37 or email me at resident@oakvillegalleries.com.

2) Log.
This consists of a series of observations of being in Oakville,
using places or situations as a starting point to talk about larger issues. One
of the parameters of this project is that, when not meeting with people, I will not use a car to travel around Oakville, and will either walk, take the bus or ride a bike to get around. The intention is to see what it is like to
experience a place that is planned around car culture and on a certain
independence from public infrastructure, in a situation when I am forced to
rely on that infrastructure. These observations (including on riding the bus and going to Laundromats) will be posted on the ‘log’ section of the website.

3) Observations of Gairloch Gardens.

I will be staying in the apartment
above Oakville Galleries until October 10. This will allow me to experience the park both during the day and night, and the range of activities that will take place there. I will attempt to solicit responses from people who use the park, both during the day and night, about how they use the park. Responses will be
posted on the ‘Gairloch Gardens’ section of the website.

4) Glossary.
Certain key words and phrases may come up in my conversations with people, and in my thoughts during the residency. These will be posted on the ‘glossary’ section of the website, both the words and my personal, subjective definition. Words that recur on other pages will be linked
to this section.