After photographing the New Credit reserve sign, I stopped to visit my aunt and cousin. I did not make any photographs during my visit with them. I look back now and think the reason why is that I has stopped Scouting for Indians while there. I was now surrounded by Iroquois people and the urgency to identify and record had stopped. In fact, while visiting my aunt, I went through my grandmother's old photos and found several old photographs of my grandmother and myself, which I brought back to Oakville with me.

The photographs for this section were taken during the early to mid 1980's. At the time I was working on a series called The Corn Husk, which was a look at my family and the people who nourished and entrenched my Iroquois identity.

The point for showing these photographs is the obvious difference they have to the photographs I have been making during this project. Outside of the reserve, the feel of home and family quickly changes to one of isolation