Port Credit Scouting Trip

I drove to the end of street and came to Hiawatha Park overlooking Lake Ontario. I was reminded of our Iroquois history and the importance of the north shore of the lake, because it was from the north shore that the Peacemaker had departed from when he brought peace to the Iroquois living in present day New York State. The Peacemaker was a Huron man who had great powers and once he arrived on the south shore of the lake he met a Mohawk man named Hiawatha. The Peacemaker's mission was to bring a message of peace and unity to the Iroquois but he had a speech impediment and needed a good speaker to spread his message. The Peacemaker asked Hiawatha to be his spokesperson, and together they travelled throughout Iroquois, and established the Iroquois Confederacy. As I stood there, I thought this important Iroquois story was probably lost to the people living in this area.