Port Credit Scouting Trip

The harbour area of the town is where the Mississauga First Nations made their camps before the arrival of Europeans, the fishing was good here. Once Europeans began arriving in the area, the Mississauga made camp to trade in furs and western goods. The word "credit" emerged from the fur trade era, when traders extended credit to the Mississauga for goods until the next season.

When I drove into Port Credit I headed for the harbour, the original site of the first Mississauga settlement. There was nothing remarkable about the area, the park was snow and ice covered and my instincts told me there would be no Aboriginal sites to photograph. I drove around all the side streets in the immediate area, to check and make sure I didn't miss any important sites.

Luck was with me because a few blocks farther down Lakeshore Road I saw a street named Hiawatha Parkway. Before I turned down the street, I noticed that the corner street signs read Hiawatha Parkway and Mohawk Avenue.

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