Port Credit Scouting Trip

As I got closer to Port Credit I turned along a bend in the road and headed east. And this is where I saw the QEW highway. I recognized this stretch of the QEW because I had travelled along it many times during my trips to and from Toronto, but then it was just a flash as I passed by at 120km an hour. I often thought about turning off at the Mississauga Road exit, and now I was finally here. Mississauga Road is named after the Mississauga Chief Joseph Sawyer

As I turned the corner I also saw a sign for the Mississauga Country Club entrance. My research revealed that the Country Club now sits at the site where the Mississauga had established a permanent village under the guidance of the Rev. Peter Jones. About 60 feet away from the Country Club entrance was a historical plaque that marked this area as the second Mississauga settlement.