Port Credit Scouting Trip

Having spent the previous day reading about the local history of Port Credit, Oakville and Burlington, I set out this morning on a scouting trip to Port Credit. But rather than allowing myself to become lost in the landscape, I decided on a specific route: to approach Port Credit from the north via Dundas Street and drive south along Mississauga Rd. to the harbour.

Relatively speaking Port Credit was the most important site for me because it had the most recent Aboriginal presence in the area. The Mississauga had established a semi-permanent village near the harbour by the end of the eighteenth century. By the 1820's the Mississauga had moved up-river and established a new settlement. Today this site is now an exclusive Country and Golf Club. I was intrigued and I looked forward to seeing what the area looked.

I drove east on Dundas Street and turned right onto Mississauga Road. I noticed very few homes in the immediate area, but as I drove father south I saw street after street of expensive homes.

As I drove further south along Mississauga Road I noticed that some of the street names had Aboriginal associations. And one very recognizable street name popped upóComanche Road. I turned left onto the street and arrived at the intersection of Comanche Rd and Cochise Cr. Although Cochise was an Apache leader, at least the Apache and Comanche lived in the same part of the American southern plains. What an odd place to find these names.