Oakville Inn Hotel

I arrived in Oakville on February 7th and checked into the Oakville Inn on Lakeshore Road East. I began the first phase of my residency the next day. Not knowing where to begin I decided the best approach was to drive around the area and get lost. In the past I have found that exploring without a map makes me much more aware of the surroundings, forcing me to note landmarks in case I have to backtrack.

Over the next five days I continued exploring, hoping that I would come across an unexpected discovery, like an Indian figure on a monument, a building, or advertisement. I noticed a Bank of Montreal across the street from the hotel. Over the past five years I have documented Bank of Montreal buildings for the crest the older buildings have above the doorway. The original crest has two Indian men representing early commerce in Canada. Unfortunately, the crest was covered in the bank across the street and I could only wonder if the two Indian men were hidden. Was this a sign that the area was not going to give up its Aboriginal past easily?

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