After I finished making my photographs I decided to follow Eastport Drive to see where it would take me. I turned off at Burlington Street and followed it all the way through the industrial landscape I had just seen from Pier 26. It was like entering another world, I was surrounded by heavy industry. Amongst the factory stacks, railroad tracks and gritty streets I saw a Tim Hortonís appearing like an oasis, on the horizon. I headed over for a coffee, and despite the ugly sights all around me, I enjoyed my coffee and the warm Timbits. In hindsight, I should have photographed the Tim Hortonís building.

I finally reached the end of Burlington Street and turned onto James Street, where I had an unexpected encounter. Jutting out onto the sidewalk, in front of the Hamilton Port Authority building was the most unusual Indian head I had ever seen. The head was typical of the type used as building decoration, and the headdress made it immediately clear that this was an Indian, probably a chief! The head was mounted on the front of a boat, equipped with canons on the side. As I made my shots, a man walked by and said, "to bad his nose is gone." I thought, what about the rest of the poor man's body?

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