Kicking up the Dust

When I had finished photographing the various sites in Port Credit, the Rev. Peter Jones had become my central character for completion of my journey. (see The Journey - Chasing the Sun)

Peter Jones's Ojibway name is "Kahkewaquonaby," and translated to English it means "sacred feathers" or "sacred waving feathers." I thought the name was a good metaphor for my project because in a sense, I found myself fanning the ground, trying to kick up some dust to reveal an Aboriginal past. With this metaphor in mind I headed for my next stop, Hamilton.

One sight that always caught my attention while driving along the QEW was, the Skyway Bridge at Burlington. I had traveled over this bridge many times in the past and what attracted me was the sight of Hamilton and its imposing industrial landscape.

Upon entering Burlington I saw signs for the Joseph Brant (Plaque #27) museum. I had known that Joseph Brant had left the Six Nations community by the Grand River and took up residence in Burlington. The English had given him additional land for his military support during the American Revolutionary War. I stopped to check out the museum, but found that it was closed. I made some photographs of the house and the historical plaque. Here was where the old Mohawk warrior retired.