Oakville's Private Gardens and Estate Parks, 1914-1939
Pleasance Crawford Residency
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Home Landscapes lecture series

Organized for Oakville Galleries by Pleasance Crawford and presented in collaboration with Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate and the Oakville Public Library, this lecture series provides a context, within the broader field of landscape and garden history, for the project's focus on home landscapes in Oakville during the 1914-1939 period. It offers the audience a focal point and gathering opportunity for the over-all project.

Christopher Campbell:
Past Glories, Future Trends in Landscape Design

Wednesday 3 November at 7:30 pm

Auditorium, Central Branch, Oakville Public Library

Downtown Oakville, 120 Navy Street

Focusing on professionally designed home landscapes in Southern Ontario, 1914-1939, Mr. Campbell will include a brief overview of the role of landscape architects in Southern Ontario before 1914 and also offer an examination of landscape and garden elements of the 1914-1939 period, particularly in and around Oakville.


Edwinna von Baeyer:
The Enchanted Garden
of William Lyon Mackenzie King

Wednesday 10 November at 7:30 pm

Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate
Downtown Oakville, 8 Navy Street

William Lyon Mackenzie King developed his Kingsmere, Quebec, estate landscape for nearly fifty years. Although no formal plans exist of the overall design, King left an amazing record of many of his inner thoughts and outer actions concerning his estate in his diaries and private papers. Drawing on this fascinating material, Edwinna von Baeyer will trace this development and show how it reflected his eccentricities, romanticism, spirituality and the gardening spirit and styles of his time.


Pleasance Crawford: Home Landscapes

Wednesday 24 November at 7:30 pm

Auditorium, Central Branch, Oakville Public Library
Downtown Oakville, 120 Navy Street

Pleasance will speak on amateur-designed home landscapes in southern Ontario, 1914-1939, focusing on vernacular landscape and garden elements of the period, with examples from archives, The Canadian Horticulturist, nursery and seed catalogues, and Oakville examples, including those found during the residency.

The Site Scope project has been made possible with the generous financial support of The Ontario Trillium Foundation

Photo Credit: Detail - Archives of Ontario, Acc 12851, F 1075, H870, AO 6824.