Oakville's Private Gardens and Estate Parks, 1914-1939
Pleasance Crawford Residency
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This page shows an example of the type of analysis that will be done by Pleasance Crawford on the photographs and slides that are brought to her during the residency at Oakville Galleries.

This charming photograph, chosen as the banner image for the Home Landscapes project, comes from a collection in the Oakville Archives.
Teresa Casas of Oakville Galleries found it among the papers of Dr. Wilkinson, an Oakville physician. This is just one example of an image that helps document a home landscape of the 1914-1939 period. An important part of this project is to find, post, and comment on such photographs, so we begin with this one.

The woman and two children are clearly the photographer’s main subjects. The architecture and the landscape setting are of secondary importance. The camera captures only one corner of the house, two portions of a garden, and a slice of the surrounding landscape. We can see enough to assume that this is neither an elaborate house nor a professionally designed landscape. Even though many details are missing, the image provides useful information. Considered with as many other documents as possible, this image helps create a composite picture of the range of home landscapes, and the many ways people used them, during this period. As always in research, however, many questions remain unanswered—at least for now.


To investigate this photograph:

1. Click on the picture to the right to launch a larger version.

2. Move your cursor around the image to find Pleasance's analysis of this photograph.


Photo Credit: Oakville Historical Society Collection, Wilkinson Papers.