John Bentley Mays in Oakville

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The Perfexct House article-Globe and Mail

Date: 27 Dec 2003
Time: 17:41:48 -0500
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I read the recent Globe and Mail article from John Bentley Mays about Oakville. He does not seem to have a good idea what Oakville is all about. The southern end of Oakville below the QEW is truly Oakville. The North End should have another name, called North Oakville or similar as it holds little charm or history like its southern area. There are still trees and unbuilt upon land in the southern part below the QEW. First, Oakville is not a suburb of Toronto (thank goodness). It has its own unique existance and is a separate town at least two cities West. Secondly, he most likely has not ever been to any of the areas where multiculturalism is thriving. Kerr Street for example, is home to many cultueres and not the "White" people and families" he mentions in the article. I was shocked that this was in the Globe and Mail as it was not their standard. I think he would be better to write about another town. Just an opinion.

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