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I live at Sixth Line and Lairland in a ranch bungalow. I am a 35 year old legal secretary.

Commenting on 6a
The picture indicates a nice 4 or 5 person family. I will go out on a limb and say the husband is a professional and the wife works as well. Their one child is very neat. I don't think they use their kitchen very much.

Commenting on 6b
This is similar however this home has a much more relaxed atmosphere. The children older and very artistic. Doggy looks very comfortable, cooling off on kitchen floor. Lively use of colours and space, very practical flooring.

6a, not used very much use. Just drop everything and run to do something else. With a child or children in kitchen DO NOT leave open liquor on counter.
6b, family sits together, Mom or Dad pay bills and catch up on the day, while children are right there getting love and encouragement.

these two homes could be in the same neighbourhood. 6a is a smaller home with not a lot of light or space. 6b is a home of greater size, not very big lots. Lovely use of lighting (natural and electric).


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