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I live in Glen Abbey. I live in a single family home with my
daughter who is 5. I work in downtown Toronto and I work in the
administration field. I am over 40.

>From the picture on the left hand side, I see this belonging to an old person with extremely distinctive, but old fashioned taste. I think it just might be an older person, namely a woman, who lives in this Condo or apartment building (as is shown on the patio doors, with the step leading to it) by herself. Maybe a husband died and she is all alone. This could be located in the Marine Drive area as by the sun, I think she gets exposure from the south and west. I think relaxing is first
and foremost in the area, and maybe reading because of the light just over the wall end of the couch or settee (check the spelling on that one).

The room on the right hand side, looks like it belongs to a collector or someone who appreciates modern art. I think relaxation of a different kind goes on here with enjoying the art. I think a single person also might live in this household as is shown by the crushed cushions towards the centre of
the couch. Also, I think the person does not have time to do allot of things as the lightbulb on the wall is burned out and needs replacing. This could also be either a condo or a small townhouse with maybe one person, could be a man lives by themselves as the home is sparcely populated.


I used to live in Oakville but have recently moved back to Toronto (better for single person without kids). I live in a century old home in the heart of Toronto. I am 43 years old.
Neither of the above rooms are inviting. They appear to be ready to show company but not to have company sit in. They are too perfect and I would assume that if the homes are lived in, it is in some other part of the house. Nothing about either room says come in, relax and talk!

Downtown Oakville-Apartment-25

I think the people who live in these homes are mature adults who have defined their list of likes and dislikes and are able to decorate and fill their homes with classic works of art and furniture with out looking cluttered, yet still full of life.


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