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I live on Upper Middle Road and RR6 in a two-storey detached house. I
am an 81 year old banker.

4a. Children live here, exercise is important, the taste is eclectic and a bit whimsical.
4b. A small girl lives here with working parents. This is a "relaxation room," a room to catch-up on the day's events.

4a. This room is used for excercise as well as work on the work station. The inhabitants love fresh air and have a respect for and love of the outdoors.
4b. This room is a quintessential "cocooning" room. Very cozy.

4a. Ravine setting: possibly town home in North Oakville?
4b. North Oakville-cathedral ceiling on main floor usually found in newer homes.

I live in downtown Oakville and am 25.

These two pictures are interesting as they are the only ones so far that have a tv and computer as the focus of the picture.
These two rooms look like a stereotypical North American home of people who live full and busy lives!



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