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I just moved back to Toronto after living in Oakville. I am 43.

The room on the left is the kind of place I would love to be in on a rainy day - a room full of books is always a pleasure. It looks like the people are a little older - with adolescent or adult children.

The house on the right is also something I would enjoy - it looks like travel memorabilia - it seems that these people (I would assume in their late 30s-mid 40s) enjoyed their travels and then decorated their home to reflect their travels and vibrant memories.

I live in North Oakville in a townhouse, I am 37.

The home on the left looks like it would be a home in south oakville because of the all around decor. It looks elegant, and welcoming at the same time. This room looks like it would be great to relax in.
The home on the right looks like it would be in North West oakville, most likely a married couple without children, a fun loving couple who like to remember where they came from.

I'm a 43 year old business owner living in North Oakville.

3a.This is a wealthy rather stuffy household concerned about appearances.
Probably lives in South Oakville.

3b. This is a fun-living individual with a good sense of humour.
Probably lives in South Oakville.

I'm 25, and live in a downtown Oakville apartment.

I think the home with the library room is a piece of paradise. Clearly, the people who live here enjoy quiet time with books and the sun shining in on them.

I think the people who live the the RED room have a spice for life
that most people never find!

Last week's home with the beautifully decorated kitchen was great!
I would love to come over for a craft afternoon. Parent's who
encourage their children like that no matter what kind of house they
have ensure success and happiness for their children.


I live in Glen Abbey. I am 44 years old. I am a single mother of one child, daughter, aged 5. I am a legal assistant working at a downtown law firm.

The picture on the left hand side looks like it would belong to a professional family, the man of the household would be more than likely a lawyer or a doctor. I think that with the Carafe of (I am assuming port) that this person or persons would come home after a long day of work and relax in the family room in the big leather chairs and maybe later
recline in front of the TV. As well, there looks like maybe there just might be a games room area here. The plants look like they need some maintenance. This home is located in south east Oakville because of the large size of the room. Comfort is evident in this room.

The picture on the right hand side looks like it would be a small den and the person is musical and maybe plays the guitar due to the guitar behind the chair and the Elvis Pillow. The person might just have been born in the early 50's and might be a Spanish speaking person or from Spain or Mexico because of the vibrant red room and the El Toro rug hanging. As well, the person might be a traveller because of the red suitcase piled atop the Eaton's Crate. Relaxation goes on in this room which is located in the
basement as is evidenced by the windows on the top of the picture. As well, this house might be located in the area of Fourth Line and Rebecca as I think it might be a middle-aged home.


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