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Where do you live?
8th Line and Trafalgar Road, North East Oakville, in a new luxury 5 bedroom hoom with pool in a new subdivision

What do you do?
Psychology graduate of York University, office worker
Age 32

Jesus shrine in entrance. This may be a monastery? I am so impressed I am going to set up a shrine at my entrance. I was originally thinking of it but I thought it might look tacky. However, now that I see this, I think it's marvelous. I am very strongly faithful.

What activities...?
Religious worship. They are deeply religous, evangelical.

Located in East Oakville. possibly the Catholic Monastery on the North side of Lakeshore a few blocks East of downtown. I think this given the old fashioned railing and the cedar plaques on the wall.

This is Scoogie here.

The one on the left is a straight-forward Catholic family while on the right we have anyone with a pool table. I consider this room in poor taste because it has too many cliches such as: Elvis, pool table, crap armour. These elements lack in imagination.
The people on the left have gone in a more tasteful route even though they're going heavy on the light effects. They're on the edge. The other family loves junk, unfortunately it's not good junk.

I live in Glen Abbey. I live in a single family home and I am a single parent of one child. I am 45 years of age. I work in the professional field.

With respect to the picture on the left hand side, I would say that this is a very religious family who are either Phillipino or Italian hence the God figures, candles, etc. I would sense that this house is located in the central area of Oakville, maybe Rebecca and Kerr area. I also think that the people are older and do not have any children living at home or maybe have family living abroad. I think they hold spiritualism very first and foremost.

The picture on the Right hand side seems to me to belong to a collector of not only memorabilia of the Elvis era, this person might be a sports nut with the McSorley's (to me would represent a hockey player), the pool table, the collector stuff being the Knight. I would think the guy would be either in a very unhappy marriage and uses this as his getaway or is a single guy and uses this basement area as his playroom. Very masculine taste no less.
This person might also be in the hotel business and I am sure that lots of
drinking beer and partying goes on in this basement.

I would love to be invited to a party here.

Downtown Oakville
Apartment building
Age 28

The picture with the image of Jesus actually reminds me of my Grandmother's home, so I picture an elderly, widowed woman living in this home. I'm not so sure about the home with the Elvis bust - maybe a bachelor in his late 40's. Both spaces are pretty distinct, but even though the styles are so different, I think it would be possible for both people to be living in the same area of Oakville. I could picture both of these rooms in homes built in the 1950's.


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