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Where do you live?
8th Line and Trafalgar Road, North East Oakville, in a new luxury 5 bedroom home with pool in a new subdivision

What do you do?
Psychology graduate of York University, office worker
Age 32

How would you describe the people...
Excessive number of children's artwork on the kitchen cupboard doors. This is a household with a stay-at-home mom. Raising successful kids is her job--full-time. Her husband is a university graduate, possibly in Business or Engineering. He supports the entire family and asks her daily what she did with the kids today! (to earn her share of the income)

What activities...?
This is a stay-at-home mom and her purpose in life is to raise high income-producing children. She does nothing for herself. Her life is over. This kids are the kings in the house.

Glen Abbey or brand new subdivision in North East Oakville.

I just moved back to Toronto after living in Oakville. I am 43 years old.

The home on the left looks like someone is trying to fit kids into it but not comfortably. While it looks nice and has animal and children's stuff around, it almost looks like it's temporary. Maybe like the kids have come to see Uncle George for the day.

The picture on the right is the home where I would like to have grown up - an incredibly healthy, nurturing environment!

I live in Oakville and I am 45 years of age. I am a single mother working in the professional field downtown area. My nickname is Dickhead. I am the sole support and bread winner of the family. I live in Glen Abbey.

The picture on the left looks as if it belongs to a single dad who has his "son" for the weekends, or part time. This is evidenced to me, by the more than masculine display of the leather furniture, sparsely populated room, the horses and the basic darkness of the room. There is a dog lying on the back of the couch not in the basket which is lying on the floor. The father in this picture relies on Caillou to babysit the child.
As well the child is about one year or so, hence the Cheerios on the table and the Juice sippy cup on the table. I think this parent does not have enough to amuse the child and uses the TV as a venue.

I am not at liberty to comment on the picture on the Right as I personally
am aware of this individual.

I'm a 34 year old home-maker living in North Oakville.

1a. This is an extremely tidy and organized family.
1b. This family is creative, loving and caring.

1a. This is a room designed for "family time."
1b. This also is a created for "family time."

1a. Judging from the new style of layout this house is probably in North Oakville.
1b. For the same reason I guess this is in North Oakville.

I'm a 54 year-old French teacher who lives in Glen Abbey in a detached home.

Photo 1 b.
This is a warm place of young busy, children-oriented people.
Probably teachers.
"People come first".

Lots of craft and fun and freedom with the children show through crafts on display everywhere. Happiness and well-being of children.

These people probably live in Glen Abbey because of the newer look of the room.

Hi. I live in Bronte with my wife and 2 daughters.
I'm around 50 and you can call me 'Bill'

I see 2 families with young kids. We live in a house similarly decorated with kids art, items of importance of the moment - and snack left overs everywhere! Both homes seem inviting and warm - good places for kids to grow up. Could be anywhere in
any part of Oakville - certainly could be one of our neighbours.

I live in East Oakville and own my own import export business
I have 3 pugs and a golden retriever

They have kids!
I think the kitchen is in an older home and the family room comes
from a newer home because of the high ceilings

Live: East Oakville
Age: 65

the kitchen

I am amazed at this picture. I would never have allowed my children to cover my kitchen cupboards with artwork--or indeed to do any artwork and yet they all turned out to act have artistic careers--architect, interior designer, actor.

Activities that go on in this room:
Lots of fun I'm sure for the children of the household--very relaxed and happy. It seems that family life is important to these people.

In what part of town is this home located. What makes you think that?
Modern-style, River Oaks or Glen Abbey.


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