Home Studio: take five!


Introducing Home Studio: take five! Take a break and re-energize with a series of quick and easy art-making activities. These simple projects are a great way to exercise your mind and bring some creativity to your day! Using materials that can be found around the house, our Home Studio: take five! activities are designed for all ages.

Origami Hearts

What you'll need:

- Paper cut in a square

Step One

Start with a square piece of paper with the white/backside facing up. Lay paper on the surface in a diamond position.

Step Two

Fold the paper in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner, then unfold.

Step Three

Rotate your paper to have the created crease positioned vertically, and fold the top corner to the bottom corner, then unfold.

Step Four

Fold the top corner to the center.

Step Five

Fold the bottom corner to the top edge.

Step Six

Fold the bottom right and left edges to the center crease.

Step Seven

Fold the top and side corners back.

Spring Flower Drawings

In today's Home Studio: take five! we're taking a break to appreciate the blooming flowers of the season! What better way to celebrate spring than taking a walk and drawing outside? Follow our Education Officer Erica's 3 step drawings to help you capture the shape and perspective of different blossoms!

What you'll need:

- Paper

- Pencil

- Eraser

Step One

Start by drawing an oval/circular shape, capturing the basic shape of a flower head. In the centre of the big circle, draw a smaller circle. Draw a simple line for the shape of a stem connecting from the bottom of the big circle and about 4 inches down. These are your guidelines!

Step Two

Draw crisscrossing lines through the centre of the small circle, to the edge of the larger circle. This can mimic a snowflake or star shape. Draw a petal like shape around each line between the small and large circle, making sure the line is in the centre of each petal.

Step Three

Begin adding details to the petals and creating rougher edges. Make sure to thicken your line for the stem of the flower and add some leaves! Use an eraser to erase the guidelines around the final drawing details.