Allison Katz Diary w/o Dates
21 January – 18 March 2018

Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens & at Centennial Square

Diary w/o Dates is a solo exhibition of new work by Allison Katz stretching across both Oakville Galleries venues. Reflecting the diverse range of Katz's production, the exhibition considers the unique character of each site.

At Centennial Square, a gallery housed within a public library, Katz responds to the soft Brutalism of late 1960s civic architecture with a large-scale installation of new paintings that take the French Republican Calendar as its point of departure. At Gairloch Gardens, she will exhibit a series of works—including posters and ceramics—that play on elements of circulation and repetition inherent to both her own process and the architecture of this former private residence on the shores of Lake Ontario.

For Katz, painting is a thread that connects seemingly disparate and sometimes contradictory elements, bringing together unlikely pairings that form fresh observations, visual rhymes and puns. Motifs that recur in the artist's work often find spontaneous new connections in their exhibiting contexts, creating serendipitous associations. Distinctly non-empirical subjects such as anecdote, sensation and fantasy inform her visual language, as does the feeling of time, which here is recast as circular and subjective, a structure that can be dissolved and rethought.

At the centre of the exhibition is an understanding of painting as an expansive medium that is not static and contained, but constantly in flux, forming a chain of visual associations with myriad points of connection across time and space.

Allison Katz: Diary w/o Dates is organized in collaboration with MIT List Visual Arts Center.