Seasons and Weather: Transforming Time
Grade 1

At the Galleries


Experience art in the great outdoors! This full-day workshop connects students to their natural surroundings through a guided exploration of Gairloch Gardens, its site-specific artworks and a hands-on art activity. Over the course of the day, students will use traditional, found and recycled art materials to create artworks they can take home with them. Programs may be adapted to integrate curriculum content from your current classroom studies on request.

On a guided tour through Gairloch Gardens, students will observe, record and collect examples of the colours, shapes and textures specific to the current season. Taking their findings back to the studio, they will first make a watercolour crayon painting incorporating their found materials to depict the garden in its fall, winter or spring glory. After reviewing the visual characteristics of the different seasons, students will fold and cut warm and cool hues of paper that will be used to add sculptural details to their paintings.

  • Full day

  • $10/student ($250 minimum)