Patrick Faigenbaum New and Recent Photographs
6 October – 26 November 2000

Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square

Patrick Faigenbaum (born in Paris in 1954 and still living there) first became known in the late eighties for his series of pictures of Italian aristocratic families. The people in these pictures shown in their homes were posed very rigidly, as typological representatives of a social class, yet the pictures were also full of human warmth and depth of feeling. Despite their uniform subject matter, each of these pictures is utterly different from the next.

All Faigenbaum's pictures are remarkable for the way they locate their characters in their surroundings formally and expressively, as well as for their tonal range and depth and their internal luminosity.

Faigenbaum has a photographer's reflexes and a painter's eye for composition and colour. His pictures are solid and timeless but also are of the moment.

More recently, Faigenbaum has been combining black/white and colour pictures in his exhibitions. While each picture is a complete unit strings of pictures now interact with one another cinematically.

This exhibition will contain some of Faigenbaum's latest pictures of a working class district of Barcelona.

Curated by Gregory Salzman