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17 November 2007 - 27 January 2008
in Gairloch Gardens and at Centennial Square

Roy Arden, Philip Bergerson, Molly Lamb Bobak, Roland Brener, Tony Brown, Robin Collyer, Susan Dobson*, Isabelle Hayeur*, Geoffrey James, Ken Lum, Euan Macdonald, David McMillan, N.E. Thing Co., Stephen Shore, Jeff Wall
*complementary works from the Og2 collection

Curated by Marnie Fleming

Organized and circulated by the National Gallery of Canada

Gertrude Stein once wrote, "There is no there, there." She was talking about Oakland, California and how it seemed like no place in particular and was, in fact, an abstraction. In this exhibition, her comment will be reframed to ask "Is there a there, there?" In bringing together visual images of suburbia from the collections of the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, this exhibition will posit a place-specific answer to this question. It will examine depictions of the suburbs as reflections of our larger cultural sense of suburban place, a place that, more than any other, has come to define Canadian contemporary life.


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